Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Juice Plus "Scam"

Many people insist that Juice Plus is a scam, but I am here to tell you that it is not a scam. Juice Plus has not been proven to cure any disease, but has been proven by different studies to be beneficial to your health. The USDA recommends you get 7-13 servings of fruits, vegetables and grains each day, and we all know that is hard in our fast food centered world today! Even for people who do eat healthy, it is still very hard to eat that many fruits and vegetables each day and incredibly expensive! That is where Juice Plus comes in. Juice Plus is not a replacement for fruits and vegetables, but will help you get the nutrients you are not getting enough of. Juice Plus is made up of 17 fruits, vegetables and grains. One common belief is that the fiber and vitamins are lost during this process. Whatever is lost during this rigorous process, is replaced at the end to ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs. Unlike different multivitamins, Juice Plus does not have any stimulants or fancy ingredients, just extracts of common fruits, vegetables, and grains. You cannot deny that your body needs certain vitamins and nutrients; Juice Plus is just making it easier to get them every day!

Another reason people think Juice Plus is a scam is because the way the company is set up. Juice Plus allows anyone to become a distributor for them. This does not mean the product is not a good product! It is an easier approach to sell more of Juice Plus and the vast majority of these distributors are Juice Plus customers showing that they actually believe in Juice Plus. It is not a multi-level marketing program like most people believe.

One more common argument about Juice Plus is that all of the studies done on Juice Plus are funded by the company. Personally, I think this shows that the company is serious about their product and wants to ensure that it is a beneficial product. Most of your vitamins and supplements on the shelf today are not being researched by their own companies or anyone else! These studies have shown that Juice Plus is in fact beneficial to your health in different ways. In this blog I would like to break down all of the research and show you exactly how it is beneficial to your health.

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